The LEANCON Wave Energy Device


The manufacturing of the scale 1:10 WEC is completed and the WEC was launched in the sea in July 2015, where after the running in and test of sensors and data acquisition took place. The data acquisition were carried out by a CompacRIO system from National Instruments.


The picture shows the scale 1:10 WEC seen from behind. Each arm has a length of 16.4 meter and a own weight of 1,500 kg. These two arms are bolted together in a V shape whereby the total width towards the wave front is 24 meter.


In the second half 2015 the test and measurement of the loads that the WEC are exposed to, and the the energy production, was carried out. These tests are now completed and the WEC is brought onshore.






The scale 1:10 WEC has the following characteristics:

  • It is 24 meter wide towards the wave front
  • Has an own weight of 3.0 ton
  • It is mounted with 66 strain gauges
  • It consists of 104 pipes with a diameter of 0.50 meter

Time schedule

According to the time schedule the launcing and the testing of the scale 1:10 WEC are as follows:

  • Installation of the anchoring and sea cable in the summer 2015
  • Launching of the WEC in July 2015
  • Running in and test of the WEC in the second half 2015
  • Comprehensive test reports December 2015
  • December 2015 the WEC was brought onshore

The LEANCON Wave Energy Device Advanced in a simple way